Screen-Space Perceptual Rendering of Human Skin

Jorge Jimenez
Universidad de Zaragoza
Veronica Sundstedt
Trinity College Dublin
Diego Gutierrez
Universidad de Zaragoza

ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, Vol. 6, No. 4 (2009)


We propose a novel skin shader which translates the simulation of subsurface scattering from texture space to a screen-space diffusion approximation. It naturally scales well while maintaining a perceptually plausible result. This technique allows us to ensure real-time performance even when several characters may appear on screen at the same time. The visual realism of the resulting images is validated using a subjective psychophysical preference experiment. Our results show that, independent of distance and light position, the images rendered using our novel shader have as high visual realism as a previously developed physically-based shader.
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A very efficient implementation is described in the first book of the GPU Pro series [Buy the book!]
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