Depicting procedural caustics in single images

Diego Gutiérrez
Universidad de Zaragoza
Jorge López-Moreno
Universidad de Zaragoza
Jorge Fandós
Universidad de Zaragoza
Francisco J. Serón
Universidad de Zaragoza
María P. Sánchez
Universidad de Zaragoza
Erik Reinhard
University of Bristol

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008. ACM Transactions on Graphics 27, 5, Article 120 (December 2008)


We present a powerful technique to simulate and approximate caustics in images. Our algorithm is designed to produce good results without the need to painstakingly paint over pixels. The ability to edit global illumination through image processing allows interaction with images at a level which has not yet been demonstrated, and significantly augments and extends current image-based material editing approaches. We show by means of a set of psychophysical experiments that the resulting imagery is visually plausible and on par with photon mapping, albeit without the need for handmodeling the underlying geometry.

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