Here you can download the source code of the time-resolved renderer described in the paper "A Framework for Transient Rendering". It contains a fully functional transient renderer based on Bidirectional Path Tracing, including the sampling functions described in the paper. If you use this code, please reference the following paper:

"A Framework for Transient Rendering"
Adrian Jarabo, Julio Marco, Adolfo Munoz, Raul Buisan, Wojciech Jarosz and Diego Gutierrez
ACM Trans. Graph. 33, 6 (2014)
@article{JaraboSIGA14, author = {Jarabo, Adrian and Marco, Julio and Mu\~{n}oz, Adolfo and Buisan, Raul and Jarosz, Wojciech and Gutierrez, Diego}, title = {A Framework for Transient Rendering}, journal = {ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2014)}, volume = {33}, number = {6}, articleno = {177}, year = {2014}, }

The code is self contained, with no additional libraries needed. We have tested it in Windows 7, using Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2013, and the code includes a VS2008 and VS2013 solution. It also includes some example scenes with the input parameters of the renderer. Note that this is a fully working code, but research code nevertheless: as such it might be a bit messy and has not been super-optimized; we are working on improving the system, so updates will be published from time to time. Also, note that the system can contain some bugs. Please report any found issue at: ajarabo AT unizar DOT es .