We present a real-time framework which allows interactive visualization of relativistic effects for time-resolved light transport. We leverage data from two different sources: real-world data acquired with an effective exposure time of less than 2 picoseconds, using an ultrafast imaging technique termed femto-photography, and a transient renderer based on ray-tracing. We explore the effects of time dilation, light aberration, frequency shift and radiance accumulation by modifying existing models of these relativistic effects to take into account the time-resolved nature of light propagation. Unlike previous works, we do not impose limiting constraints in the visualization, allowing the virtual camera to explore freely a reconstructed 3D scene depicting dynamic illumination. Moreover, we consider not only linear motion, but also acceleration and rotation of the camera. We further introduce, for the first time, a pinhole camera model into our relativistic rendering framework, and account for subsequent changes in focal length and field of view as the camera moves through the scene.



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We thank the reviewers for their insightful comments and suggestions, Paz Hernando for helping with the figures, and Adolfo Munoz and Ivan Bailera for proofreading. This research has been funded by the European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme (project VERVE), the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (project LIGHTSLICE) and the BBVA Foundation. Diego Gutierrez is additionally supported by a Google Faculty Research Award. Belen Masia was additionally funded by an NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship.