Elena Garces

PhD Student

Graphics and Imaging Lab
Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)
Phone: (+34) 976 762353


I'm a fourth year PhD student in the Graphics and Imaging Lab of the University of Zaragoza under the supervision of Prof. Diego Gutierrez.
My research interests include computer graphics, computer vision and applied machine learning. In particular, I have been working on inverse problems of appearance capture and scene understanding: recovering lights from a single image, intrinsic images and video, and depth reconstruction. Recently, I've been also interested in art and style recognition.


Low Cost Decomposition of Direct and Global Illumination in Real Scenes
Elena Garces, Fernando Martin, Diego Gutierrez
XXV Spanish Computer Graphics Conference (2015)
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A Similarity Measure for Illustration Style
Elena Garces, Aseem Agarwala, Diego Gutierrez, Aaron Hertzmann
ACM Transactions on Graphics Vol.33 (4), SIGGRAPH 2014
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Intrinsic Video and Applications
Genzhi Ye, Elena Garces, Yebin Liu, Qionghai Dai, Diego Gutierrez
ACM Transactions on Graphics Vol.33 (4), SIGGRAPH 2014
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Depth from a Single Image through User Interaction
Angeles Lopez, Elena Garces, Diego Gutierrez
XXIV Spanish Computer Graphics Conference (2014)
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Multiple Light Source Estimation from a Single Image
Jorge Lopez-Moreno, Elena Garces, Sunil Hadap, Erik Reinhard, Diego Gutierrez
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol.32 (8), Dec 2013
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Practical Intrinsic Images Decomposition (Master Thesis)
Advised by Prof Dr. Diego Gutierrez
Universidad de Zaragoza, September 2012

Intrinsic Images by Clustering
Elena Garces, Adolfo Muñoz, Jorge Lopez-Moreno and Diego Gutierrez
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol.31 (4) (EGSR 2012)
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Graph-Based Reflectance Segmentation
Elena Garces, Diego Gutierrez and Jorge Lopez-Moreno
SIACG 2011
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